One of the most mysterious breeds – Somali cats

Somalian cats are incredibly beautiful like graceful foxes. People who do not like chaos in the house chooses Somali cats not because of their long and fluffy hair, but because of their mysterious character. This breed is very playful, adapts well to new people, but at the same time does not cause unnecessary noise in the house. Somali car owners agree that this cat will bring peace to the house.

No links with Afrika

The name of Somali cat is usually associated with Africa. However, that is not true. The history of Somalia cats started in XX, in the USA. Exotic Abyssinian cat breeders have noticed the extraordinary beauty of the kittens, who distinguished themselves with long, beautiful hair. Shortly afterward the kittens were stated to breed. Abyssinian cats are related with ancient Egypt. Therefore, Somali cats are related to Africa only with the myth about the great past of distant ancestors.

Officially this breed was recognized at 1960. That year there were 12 kittens registered as Somali. After that, this breed became popular very quickly in Canada and USA. A few years latter in Europe as well.

However, until this day there is no agreement on Somali cats’ country of origin.

Similar to the Fox

Also, the standard for this breed is to have a long tail and tapering ears. Somali cats usually have small bones. If not two almond shapes mysterious eyes, these cats could be confused with the foxes.

An exclusive feature is a black line decorating the top of the head. In total, there are up to 28 different fur color and shades of this breed.

Somali breed kittens are often compared with “Ugly Ducklings”, which eventually turns into a swan. The kittens are born almost black. When time goes, the fur gets brighter and brighter. The final color is visible only after 2 years.

This breed is considered as very young, so there are no strict standards established – they constantly change.

A brush is enough

As for every cat, Somali cats have their own care requirements. One of the most important – brush. The fur needs to be brushed to keep it tight, luminous and beautiful. It is advisable to clean cats teeth from time to time and inspect them periodically.

Curiosity, playfulness, and peace

There is no human being on this planet who would not admire intelligence and mystery of Somali cats.

These cats can charm anyone. These are the cats, that learn how to open closets and cupboards. Further more, cat owners are amazed, how easy it is to train them. These cats build a very strong connection with the owner. Somali cats reward their owners with love, comprehension, and playfulness. Even the breeders are amazed, how small kittens can understand their owners without words.

It is easy for Somali cat to adapt in almost any environment – they feel very well with people, other cats or even dogs.

This breed will bring only positive changes into your house.

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